In spring 2020, the Board of Trustees agreed with the recommendation of university administrators to provide Corvallis licensed campus law enforcement from within a new university police department. The department is being managed in keeping with the university’s values and educational mission and the values of the OSU community.

The budget for the police portion within the Department of Public Safety in fiscal year 2021 is $2.64 million.

Oregon State University’s Corvallis campus received police protection services under contract with the Oregon State Police, an arrangement that ran from the mid-1980s to Dec. 31, 2020. The annual cost of those contracted services were $2.43 million in FY18 and FY19, and $2.867 million in FY20.

FY2021 Budget
Department of Public Safety

Index Title Allocation
Public Safety Department $2,308,246
Associate VP for OSU Public Safety Administration $302,982
Clery Act Administration $334,795
Emergency Management $233,336
OSU Police Department $2,641,488
Department of Public Safety Total  $5,820,847