How do I make a report?

Call Dispatch at 541-737-3010 soon as possible when safe to do so. If you're reporting an emergency, call 9-1-1.

First hand information is always best. Delays in reporting allow for details to be lost, evidence to be destroyed, and suspects are less likely to be identified. We are best able to serve you if you call us immediately.

What information will I be asked for when I call in to report a crime?

We will need to know the five W's:

  • WHERE? 
    Where are you? Where is the scene?
  • WHAT? 
    What happened?
  • WHO? 
    Who's involved? Is anyone hurt?
  • WHEN? 
    When did it happen? Is it going on right now?
  • Do you see a weapon? What kind?


How do I make a complaint about an employee?

If you have a concern about an employee of the Public Safety Department, such as a Trooper or Public Safety Officer, please contact Dispatch at 541-737-3010. They will forward your call to the appropriate supervisor.

If you feel you have been discriminated against based on a protected category, you may also contact EOA.

What is an emergency anyway? When should I call?

Situations that warrant calling the 9-1-1 (on or off campus):

If you see a fire on campus, either inside a building, outside, or in a trash can.

If a person is experiencing a medical emergency, such as passing out, bleeding excessively, or in uncontrollable pain.

If you think someone might hurt themselves or someone else.