The OSU DAMSafe app, which was developed after obtaining a 5 year grant through Campus Consortium, provides our students, faculty, and staff the ability to contact our campus dispatch with a one button push, rather than having to remember the specific dispatch numbers on campus.  If you are off campus, it has a one button push to 911.  Another cool feature of this app is that it allows the user to have a “virtual companion” track them across campus.  The user would sign up their “companions”—friends, roommates, parents, and even Aunt Edna who lives 3000 miles away,  to track them as they cross campus through a GPS tracker.  It allows them to ask for a virtual companion, have that person watch them go to their destination, and then check in when they are safe.  It’s just another added layer of safety for our campus.  The app also links to our emergency management page and campus maps.