The Public Safety Incident Log lists significant incidents on the OSU Corvallis campus for a specific week and includes the date the incident occurred.

Previous incident reports are available upon request to Public Safety.

September 2021

  • 9/17/21 -  Known trespasser was again on campus and fled from an officer, refusing to obey lawful orders to stop. 
  • 9/17/21 - Water main broke at SW 26th and SW Washington Way. DPS assisted with traffic control. The Corvallis Water Department was able to fix the pipe. The roadway was reopened later that evening.
  • 9/18/21 - Football game at Reser Stadium. DPS worked with our law enforcement partners to provide a safe experience for athletes and fans. There were 19 alcohol-related exclusions.
  • 9/18/21 - Fight post-game in the parking lot of the Alumni Center. Parties were separated. A report was written with the conflicting stores and forwarded to the District Attorney’s office.
  • 9/19/21 - Campus move-in at Reser Stadium. DPS assisted UHDS with traffic control at the scene. Traffic was backed-up out onto Highway 34 for a good portion of the day.
  • 9/21/21 -  Convocation walk from the MU to Reser Stadium. DPS conducted traffic control and escorted the march, estimated at 4,000 students.
  • 9/23/21 -  Stopped a bicycle theft in progress at Gill. Suspect contacted and cited for theft.
  • 9/23/21 - Student crashed bike and suffered injuries.  Was treated by CFD and transported to Good Samaritan Hospital. 
  • 9/11/21 - First home football game of the season. OSU PD directed police operations at the game involving 43 officers and public safety officers from OSU PD and other law enforcement agencies. There were 6 exclusions.
  • 9/11/21 - Grass fire on OSU property near SW Brooklane Drive and Philomath Blvd. The fire was extinguished by Corvallis Fire Department.
  • 9/14/21 - Gas pipe leak at NW Monroe Ave. and SW Park Terrace Pl. Three OSU buildings were evacuated and traffic was diverted away from the area.
  • 9/15/21 - Called regarding the driver of a car who was asking a female bicyclist to get in his car. Eventually, Corvallis Police became involved and stopped the car on campus near People’s Park. OSU PD impounded the vehicle as it did not belong on campus.
  • 9/16/21 - OSU PD assisted CPD with recovery of personal property. An international student ended up attempting to store his two suitcases at a homeless camp. Nothing was stolen and the luggage was returned to the student. OIS was notified today and will reached out to the International Student to further assist.
  • 9/8/21 - Report of racist graffiti at Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez building. The graffiti was immediately cleaned, an officer was sent to investigate, and a Clery notification was made.

August 2021

  • 8/28/21 - Person calling for help was overheard by a dispatcher inside Cascade Hall. Officers were dispatched and located an intoxicated student. Person declined medics, and was transported home.
  • 8/30/21 - Medical call. Person having a seizure, 2700 block of NW Arnold Way. Corvallis FD arrived for further aid.
  • 8/30/21 - Burglary call at Snell Hall. Investigation is ongoing.
  • 8/31/21 - Catalytic converter theft at UHDS Maintenance Center. As a result of the increase in catalytic converter thefts, DPS are reaching out to law enforcement partners, conducting security surveys, and conducting surveillance. Camera possibilities are being explored as well.
  • 8/25/21 - Threats made at the basketball court at Student Legacy Park. Suspect was gone on arrival. However, we made contact with the suspect the prior week on a similar issue. We showed video of the individual to the victim, who positively identified the suspect as the same person. Incident under investigation.
  • 8/25/21: Assisted Benton County Sheriff’s Office with an investigation of child abuse. 
  • 8/17/21 - Report of an attempted theft of catalytic converter from OSU vehicle parked in the 2600 block of Orchard Avenue.
  • 8/17/21 - Second report of catalytic converter being stolen off of OSU vehicle parked in the 3400 block of SW Jefferson.
  • 8/17/21 - Report of lock and fencing cut at an outdoor storage area at 35th and Campus Way, possibly related to the prior catalytic converter theft. 
  • 8/18/21 - Report of extortion from a victim at ILLC. Incident is currently under investigation.
  • 8/19/21 - Report of threats made by a student to an employee at Transportation Services. Officers contacted the student. No arrest made. The officer wrote a report and Student Conduct was notified.


  • 8/7/21 - Five car crash in front of Dixon Rec Center. No injuries. Citation issued.
  • 8/11/21 - Two possible car prowlers on bicycles in the parking garage at 4 am. One ran but was detained after a quick foot pursuit. Subjects investigated and one had a warrant. Both individuals were excluded from campus.
  • 8/11/21 - Individual called and harassed certain professors and university staff. OSU PD is currently consulting with the Benton County DA in order to obtain a subpoena for phone and email records in order to identify and/or charge the individual. The investigation is ongoing.


  • No significant incidents

July 2021

  • 7/24/21 - Fan got hit in the face by a baseball at Goss Stadium during a Corvallis Knights baseball game. Medics transported. 
  • 7/28/21 - Discharge of fire extinguisher in the OSU parking garage. One student identified on video. Investigation ongoing and Student Conduct notified.
  • 7/16/21 - Juvenile climbing on roof of Dixon Recreation Hall. Juvenile was assisted off the roof and his parents were called to pick him up.
  • 7/17/21 - Assisted Corvallis Police Department at an off-campus shooting scene.
  • 7/19/21 - Suspicious bag with Drano inside located outside of Research Way Lab building. Contacted OSP Bomb squad, was determined not a threat. Environmental Health and Safety disposed of the package.
  • 7/21/21 - OSU student received a fraudulent email for a job offer from someone pretending to be a professor on campus. The investigation is ongoing.
  • 7/22/21 - Report of a local carpet cleaning company illegally dumping in the storm drain near Tebeau Hall. Environmental Health and Safety and the owner of the carpet cleaning company were notified. Dispatch located other videos showing this happening on other dates as well. An investigation has been initiated.