OSU Public Safety Officers provide security for buildings, persons and property at the Oregon State University Corvallis campus. We provide vehicular, bicycle and foot patrol of grounds to protect property and prevent crime. Provides student and staff escorts, assists, information, and general assistance to the university community and the general public. 

What role do Public Safety Officers have on campus?

They respond to all fire and medical emergencies and assist Corvallis Fire personnel in getting to the right location.

They write incident reports to help the university with Clery reporting, and identifying hazards which OSU can mitigate, such as a sidewalk that poses a tripping hazard.

They help provide security for buildings by ensuring they have been locked, and that anyone remaining is authorized to be there.

When not otherwise occupied, Officers patrol campus by vehicle, on foot or on a bike.

If you're looking to report an incident on campus, call Dispatch at 541-737-3010.
If you have a case number and are looking to follow up with the officer you spoke to, email them directly. Not sure who you spoke with? Call Dispatch.

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