Zack Leingang

Public Safety Officer

Office: 541-737-5490

Cascade Hall

Cascade Hall 200

601 SW 17th Street

601 SW 17th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331

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OSU Main Campus

Zack Leingang has been with the OSU Department of Public Safety since July 2020. He moved from Washington State to get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Western Oregon University. Zack has worked in law enforcement for four years here in the Willamette Valley. One reason he wanted to work at OSU is his long-time enjoyment of the campus culture and the ability to focus on community policing. Zack wants to contribute to creating a better and safer campus for the students and faculty. When he is not on campus, Zack loves to surf, so you may run into him while visiting the Oregon coast… or the mountains. He’s been known to surf even in the snow!