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After Hours Passes

An after hours pass allows a student to remain in a building after it is closed to continue working. It does not grant a student access to a building which has already closed. For more information, visit the After Hours page.

Alarm Monitoring

Our dispatch center monitors building alarms for all of Oregon State University. When an alarm notice is received, a dispatcher reads the alert and activates an appropriate response. These vary from an overheating lab refrigerator needing a manager to come close a door, to a panic alarm requiring a police officer to respond to ensure all is well.

Animal Complaints

Please let us know about any of the following: unattended animal tethered to an object, dog in car on a hot day, loose dog, any loose animal in a building, livestock out of contained areas, wounded wildlife. Read OSU Animal Control policy here. For information about pets in vehicles, please visit the American Veterinary Medical Association page.

Bike Impounds

Bikes that are locked to signs or railings, or which appear abandoned (flat tires, covered in cobwebs, missing parts), may be impounded. If your bike is missing, it may have either been stolen or impounded. Please call Dispatch at 541-737-3010. Visit our Bike Information page for more information about impounds.

Bike Lock Cuts

Can't get your lock to work? We can cut the lock for you. You will need to present your OSU ID and proof that you own the bike. Call Dispatch at 541-737-3010. Visit our Bike Information page for more information about locks.

Bike Registration 

OSU uses 529 garage for bike registrations. We recommend you register your bike if you use it on campus. Visit our Bike Information page for more information about registration.

Crime Log

To obtain a copy of the campus crime log, please come to our office in 200 Cascade Hall.

Criminal Investigations

Oregon State University Police will investigate any crimes that are reported on the OSU campus. To report a crime happening now, call 9-1-1. To report a crime that happened in the past, please call Dispatch at 541-737-3010.

Guardian App

The Guardian App  is a free App to enhance user’s safety while they move around campus.  You can alert your friends to be a virtual companion and follow your progress through the “Track Me” feature. Visit the Guardian App page for download instructions.

Elevator Calls

When the emergency button is pushed in an elevator, dispatch receives it as a phone call, and can speak with the occupants of the elevator. 

Emergency Blue Lights

When the button on a blue light is activated, a call is received in dispatch, along with the location of the active light. These may be used just like calling 911. Our department tests these lights monthly. The locations of these are available on the campus map by selecting "Emergency Light Phones."

Exclusion Notices

The Department of Public Safety responds to situations where OSU policy is violated. If a person not affiliated with OSU routinely or seriously violates OSU policy, they may be Excluded from campus to help protect our community. Visit the Exclusion page for more information.


Public Safety will schedule fingerprints for individuals hired by OSU. Call Dispatch to schedule at 541-737-3010. Please bring government-issued ID and be able to show the authorizing email you received from HR.

Fire Calls

A Public Safety Officer will respond along with Corvallis Fire. To report a fire, call 9-1-1.

HAZMAT or chemical spills

For routine service requests, spills, or questions, call the EH&S Safety number 541-713-SAFE (7233).  For emergency assistance, call 9-1-1. 

Law Enforcement Vehicle Impounds

Oregon State University police officers may impound a vehicle being operated unlawfully. Visit the Impound page for more information.

Lost and Found

We are a part of Lost & Found on campus. Please visit page for guidance on what to do with found property, or if you've lost something.

Medical Calls

A Public Safety Officer will respond along with Corvallis Fire. To report a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

Office Lockouts

Locked yourself out of your office? Call Dispatch at 541-737-3010. An Officer will assist you, and will need to see your OSU ID.

Safe Escorts

If a student or employee feels threatened when walking on campus, they may request an Officer accompany them. Please call Dispatch at 541-737-3010.

Safety Presentations

Oregon State University public safety officers and police officers may give presentations as requested. To request a presentation from the Department of Public Safety, please contact Chief Shanon Anderson at 541-737-7854.

Scams response

If you think you may have been the recipient of a scam on campus, please call the Dispatch business line at 541-737-3010.

Smoking Violations

OSU is a smoke free campus. You may view the policy here. To report a violation, please call Dispatch at 541-737-3010. 

Traffic Enforcement

Oregon State University police officers monitor traffic on campus and may initiate traffic stops.

Vehicle Jumpstarts

Public Safety offers jumpstarts 24 hours a day. Call Public Safety Dispatch at 541-737-3010.

Welfare Checks

If you're concerned about someone on campus hurting themselves right now, call 9-1-1. We will send an officer to check on them.

Work Orders - after hours

To fill out a non-emergent Work Order Request for Facilities, go here.

Call the Work Coordination Center at 541-737-2969. 


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