Bike Registration

OSU uses 529 Garage for bike registrations. Register on-site at the OSU ID Center in the MU or Public Safety at Cascade Hall to receive the tamper-resistant shield decal for your bike. Then, register on 529 Garage's website or download their app. An OSU ID number is required for registration. 

Bike Lock Cuts

If your key no longer works on your bike lock, you may call Public Safety at 541-737-3010. You will need your OSU ID and proof that you own the bike.

We recommend you purchase a new lock prior to calling us to cut your current one. A sturdy U-lock is the most secure style for the frame, with a cable in addition for securing wheels.

  • Carry a plastic bag and cover your lock with it when it's raining. This will help increase the lock's lifespan in preventing rust. Also, a good dousing of WD-40 can help.

Bike Impounds

University Standard: 07-025

5.10.10. Bicycles may be impounded by the Department of Public Safety if they are left in a place that creates a safety hazard or if they appear to be non-functional or abandoned.  A notice of impoundment will be placed on bicycles prior to their impoundment.  Bicycles may be claimed from Department of Public Safety.  The university will not be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of a securing device damaged when removing and impounding a bicycle.  After 30 days the university may discard any unclaimed impounded bikes.

OSU has a large amount of bikes on campus. Some owners abandon their bikes when they leave campus and do not take their property with them. Public Safety monitors the condition of bikes left at bike racks.

Conditions that may lead to a bike being impounded:

  • Left anywhere that creates a safety hazard
  • Front and rear tires both flat
  • Excessive rust
  • Covered in cobwebs or leaves
  • Missing parts like wheels or handlebars
  • Attached to a railing, tree, light pole or sign
  • Blocking a walkway
  • Found inside a building (except for approved bike areas)

If an Officer notices the conditions above, an impound notice is left on the bike. If the bike is not repaired to operating condition within 24 hours, it may be impounded.

All impounded bikes are held by the Department of Public Safety for 30 days. If the owner does not claim their property in that timeframe, the bikes are turned over to Surplus Property. Surplus may sell or dispose of the bicycle.

If your bike is not at the rack you left it at, it may have been stolen or impounded. Please call Public Safety at 541-737-3010.

Bike Policy and Laws

OSU Bike Safety Guidelines

OSU Policy for Use of Vehicles, Non-motorized Transportation, and Parking

OSU Transportation Bike Safety Regulations

Corvallis Bike Laws

Bicyclists must also obey all traffic laws that apply to vehicles

Oregon Revised Statutes pertaining to bikes:

Bike Maps

OSU Bike map

Corvallis Bike Map

Benton County Bike Map

OSU Research Forest Maps