Public Safety and Law Enforcement Training

    • AED/CPR First Responder
    • Report Writing
    • Records Management System
    • Foundation of Ethics for Public Safety Personnel
    • Code of Ethics in Modern Public Safety
    • Use of Force: De-escalation Techniques
    • Use of Force: Conflict Resolution
    • Use of Force: Current Trends
    • The Art and Science of Decision Making
    • De-escalation Through Tactical Communication
    • Crowd Control and First Amendment Rights
    • Civil Liability
    • Use of Body Worn Cameras
    • Protests, Police, and the Press
    • Recording Police and Protecting Civil Rights
    • The Bridge from De-escalation to Use of Force
    • Community and Police Relations
    • Sexual Assault Interview and Support
    • Firearms Orientation and Qualification
    • Defensive Tactics / Less Than Lethal Training

    Oregon DPSST-Specific Training

    DPSST = Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
    PCOD = Police Career Officer Development

    Lateral Officers Require PCOD - 80 hours of training

    Upper Levels of Certification

    • Level of education
    • Years of experience
    • Completed in service training:
      • Hours Communications Training
      • Hours Advanced Technical Training
      • Hours Leadership Training
      • Hours Risk Management Training

    Maintenance of Certifications

    • Annual Training Requirements
      • Eight hours use of force or firearms training
      • One hour ethics training
    • Three-year Training Requirements
      • Three hours mental health intervention training
      • 84 hours total training over the three-year period

    *Added 24 hours leadership for supervisors

    *Must hold First ​Aid/CPR certification at all times

    OSU-Specific Training

    OSU Equal Opportunity and Access

    • Introduction into EOA

    • Sexual Harassment Prohibited
    • Discrimination Prohibited
    • ADA Disability and Inclusion
    • Title IX Sexual Misconduct Awareness

    OSU Environmental Health and Safety

    • Emergency & Fire Preparedness
    • Hazardous Communication
    • Hazardous and Universal Waste Procedures
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Safety
    • Lab and Office Safety

    OSU Training

    • Ethics
    • FERPA
    • Clery Compliance
    • Recognizing and Supporting Students in Distress
    • Employee Responsibilities and Rights
    • University Housing and Dining
    • Center for Advocacy, Prevention & Education
    • Corvallis Campus Vision
    • History of Marginalized People
    • Black Minds Matter