Now Hiring: the Department of Public Safety is hiring Campus Dispatchers!

Dispatchers coordinate the Public Safety response to all emergency situations by assessing the seriousness and complexity of an incident. They provide guidance to students, faculty and staff in handling incidents until the arrival of emergency services. They calm and reassure the public, and provides responding units with pertinent information. Where appropriate, they may activate mass notification system for campus. 

In addition, Dispatchers also:

  • Monitor more than 13,000 alarms on campus, ranging from Life/Safety alarms to alarms tied to multi-million dollar research projects.
  • Maintain both the Clery Crime Log and the University Fire log documenting all crimes that take place within the University’s Clery geography and all fires that take place in residential buildings on campus
  • Maintain lost and found of valuable items and facilitates the transfer of those items to Property Surplus after 90 days

If you're looking to report an incident on campus, call Dispatch at 541-737-3010.
If you have a case number and are looking to follow up with the officer you spoke to, email them directly. Not sure who you spoke with? Call Dispatch.


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