The Department of Public Safety is committed to providing the highest level of service to our community.  We value your concerns and feedback which help us to grow in our profession and help protect our community. All DPS employees are expected to treat every individual with respect, courtesy and dignity.

Generally, complaints and feedback are filed through the supervisor of the involved employee. If the employee's supervisor is not known, the complaint or feedback may be filed with any supervisor. A complaint or feedback may be filed in person, by telephone, fax, online form, or letter.

Submit a complaint or feedback online

By Letter

Please ensure written correspondence includes the following information:

  • Date, time, and location of the incident
  • Your name, address, and phone number(s)
  • Email Address
  • Case or Incident number (if known)
  • Name of Department employee(s) involved
  • A brief description of the complaint or feedback

When making a complaint and leaving feedback, it is helpful if you convey all the facts as you know them.  Be aware that as we review the complaint or feedback, you may be asked more specific questions regarding the incident.

By Phone or Fax

To submit a complaint or leave feedback via the phone, please call our Dispatch business line at 541-737-3010 and request to speak with a supervisor about the complaint or feedback process.  The dispatcher may request more information, such as a return callback number, just in case one of our on-duty supervisors isn’t immediately available.

You can submit a complaint or leave feedback via FAX at 541-737-0468.

To submit a complaint or leave feedback via the mail, please use the following address:

Oregon State University Department of Public Safety
601 SW 17th Street
Cascade Hall
Corvallis, Oregon  97331

How your Complaint is Processed

Once the Oregon State University Department of Public Safety receives your complaint, we will:

1. Review the complaint

Your complaint will be taken very seriously. Sometimes a complaint is a simple misunderstanding, and other times a formal investigation and report will be required. Either way, all complaints are formally documented.  You will be notified that we received the complaint.  The employee(s) in question will be notified of the nature of the complaint. 

The complaint process cannot address complaints about legal issues such as whether a citation should have been issued, or finding guilt or innocence in a criminal case. Those concerns must be addressed by a court of law.

2. Investigating the complaint

Depending on the classification of your complaint, it may be investigated by a member of the Department of Public Safety management team, a DPS supervisor of the employee(s) involved, Employee and Labor Relations, Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance, or by a professional outside investigator retained by the University.

The officer(s) or other employee(s) will be interviewed, as well as witnesses and others with relevant information. You may be contacted for additional information during the investigation. It is our goal to complete investigations in a timely manner. You may call us at any time to check on the progress of the investigation.

3. Report the findings

You will receive a letter from the Chief of Police describing the complaint and the results of the investigation.  A record of the complaint is maintained and is available to supervisors for use during employee performance reviews. If it is determined that a violation or misconduct has occurred, the employee may face disciplinary action.  The application of employee discipline is protected as an employee personnel file and is not subject to public disclosure. However, you will receive a factual finding of your complaint either in person or in writing.