After-Hours Passes


An after-hours pass allows a student to remain in a building after it is closed to continue working. It does not grant a student access to a building that has already closed. Departments obtain after-hours use permits annually from the Department of Public Safety. To obtain an after-hours pass, please contact the responsible party for the building you would like to study in. This will likely be the head of your academic department.

Department officials can obtain a packet of after-hours passes by contacting the listed phone number or email address.

Bike Impounds


Bikes that are locked to signs or railings, or which appear abandoned (flat tires, covered in cobwebs, missing parts), may be impounded. If your bike is missing, it may have either been stolen or impounded. Please call dispatch at the above number.

Bike Lock Cuts


Can't get your lock to work? We can cut the lock for you. You will need to present your OSU ID and proof that you own the bike.

Bike Registration

OSU uses 529 Garage for bike registrations. We recommend you register your bike if you use it on campus.

Criminal Investigations

541-737-3010 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency)

Oregon State University Police will investigate any crimes that are reported on the OSU campus. To report a crime happening now, call 9-1-1. To report a crime that happened in the past, please call dispatch at 541-737-3010.

Emergency Blue Lights

When the button on an emergency blue light phone is activated, a call is received in dispatch, along with the location of the active light. These function just like calling 911. Select "Emergency Light Phones" on the campus map (above link) to see device locations.

Guardian App

The Rave Guardian app allows OSU students and staff to quickly access public safety services on and off-campus.

Lost and Found


The Department of Public Safety will hold on to phones, wallets, electronic devices, state IDs, bikes, keys, and other items for 90 days. If the owner does not claim an item in that timeframe, it is turned over to Surplus Property. Lost items may also be turned into Central Lost and Found by university building and department officials.

Medical Calls

541-737-3010 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency)

DPS officers respond with Corvallis Fire Department personnel to medical emergencies. To report a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

Please remember that a person under 21 years of age is not in violation of minor in possession laws, and is immune from prosecution, if they contact emergency medical services or a law enforcement agency in order to obtain medical assistance for another person who is in need of medical assistance due to alcohol consumption and the evidence of the violation was obtained as a result of them contacting emergency medical services or a law enforcement agency; or they were in need of medical assistance due to alcohol consumption and the evidence of the violation was obtained as a result of them seeking or obtaining medical assistance.

Office Lockouts


Locked out of your office or building? Call dispatch and an officer will assist you after verifying your student or employment status.

Safety Escort


DPS officers can escort students and employees across campus if they feel unsafe. Additionally, ASOSU SafeRide is an inclusive, student-fee funded service dedicated to providing OSU students alternative safer rides around campus and within Corvallis and the surrounding area.

Safety Presentations

DPS personnel provide presentations about campus safety upon request. To request a presentation, please contact Chief Shanon Anderson at 541-737-7854.

Smoking Violations


Oregon State University generally prohibits smoking and tobacco use on all university-owned or -controlled property. DPS officers enforce violations of this policy according to applicable policies, standards, or rules. Violations can also be reported by calling dispatch.

Traffic Enforcement

541-737-3010 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency)

OSU police officers monitor traffic on campus and may initiate traffic stops for violations of the Oregon Vehicle Code. University police officers also conduct motor vehicle crash investigations. Call dispatch to report traffic hazards, motor vehicle crashes, or other traffic-related concerns on campus.

Vehicle Jumpstarts


Public Safety offers jumpstarts 24 hours a day.

Welfare Checks

541-737-3010 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency)

If you're concerned about someone on campus hurting themselves right now, call 9-1-1. We will send an officer to check on their welfare. OSU Assist, a multidisciplinary support team, may also respond with DPS to provide compassionate mobile crisis response and wraparound services for individuals facing extenuating circumstances or experiencing other forms of distress.